Unconventional Treatments May Hold Promise

Coronavirus News

A team at Beaumont health is testing some interesting candidates for COVID-19 therapy – naltrexone and ketamine, more commonly used for the treatment of alcoholism and sedation, in an effort to develop a tiered system of treatment to attempt to interrupt COVID-19 during the different phases of its progression.

Coronavirus Treatment: Ketamine And Naltrexone Being Tested As COVID-19 Drugs

The drugs ketamine and naltrexone have been reccuited in the fight against COVID-19 A clinical trial involving both drugs will be carried out by Beaumont Health of Michigan Low doses of naltrexone, a drug approved for treating alcoholism and opiate addiction, and ketamine, a drug approved as an anesthetic, might be able to interrupt the inflammation that causes the worst COVID-19 symptoms Ketamine and naltrexone, two widely-used drugs formulated in the 1960s, are finding their way to the front line of the global fight to develop a cure for COVID-19.

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